Our Flexible Booking Policy

We understand that it’s normal to feel cautious about making travel plans in the near future. You’re not alone. 

We’ve been talking to customers frequently throughout this difficult and uncertain time and have paid close attention to their feelings and feedback.

Our customers are anxious and apprehensive, yet they’re also seeking something to look forward to in post-quarantine life.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Flexible Booking Policy – FoodValleyFlex to give you total peace of mind so you can confidently book your next trip with FOOD VALLEY TRAVEL & LEISURE whilst eliminating any risk.

We want you to have clarity in where you stand with us going forwards and allow you to feel totally comfortable about changing your mind.

We’re here to reassure you that booking with FOOD VALLEY TRAVEL & LEISURE means it’s time to stress less and get excited for your next travel experience! 

We need to apply some conditions in order to make this possible for everyone so we have outlined these in full on our FAQs section below. Still got questions? Chat to us by email or by phone for more details. We’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the FoodValleyFlex booking policy work exactly?

FoodValleyFlex allows you to change your booking date with FOOD VALLEY TRAVEL&LEISURE.

To secure your booking for any tour of your choice the following terms will be applied:

Changes you can make under FoodValleyFlex:
The tour dates 
The kind of tour (you can move to an alternative tour entirely)

Under FoodValleyFlex, you are able to make an unlimited number of changes (within 36 months of your original departure date.). We ask that you make these changes as soon as possible and at the very latest 7 days before the departure date.
Once your new tour has been confirmed, we will of course send you the new information by email so you have a full copy of the details.


We understand that you may be uncertain as to when you will be able to travel. That’s why we’ve introduced credit vouchers. 

Credit vouchers for the full value of the deposit paid by you can be issued in cases where you are uncertain as to when you will be able to travel. The vouchers will have a validity period of 36 months, and can be gifted to another person of your choice if you decide not to travel within that period.

If you chose to gift your credit voucher, we will need to be notified in writing/email and informed of the recipient’s name, email address and telephone number.

The recipient of your credit voucher must use the voucher within the original validity period. 

Tour prices are not fixed or guaranteed until you have re-booked using your credit voucher. The published tour price at the time of booking will apply at the time of re-booking.

To re-book a tour using a voucher, simply contact us at info@foodvalleytravel.com . 

Private Groups:

For private groups, please note that we will ask the whole group to make changes as a group. Where the group size reduces due to a change, a re-price of the tour may be required.

Q: I want to cancel my booking altogether - can I have a refund of my deposit?

Should you decide to completely cancel your tour with us.
With the FoodValleyFlex policy you can cancel for free and have a full refund of the deposit within 7 days before the travel date. 
Another option is to transfer your payment to a credit voucher. This voucher is valid for 36 months and can be gifted to another person of your choice if you decide not to travel.



Q: What if I want to move my deposit to a date/destination which costs more or less than my original tour?
That’s no problem! If the tour or departure date to which you are moving is a higher price than the tour you are moving from you will just have to pay a re-calculated balance at due time (7 days before tour date).  

If the tour or departure date to which you are moving is a lower price than the tour you are moving from, at the moment of balance payment we will refund you with the difference.