Read the stories of people living in our territories:

Pietro Gnecchi

Pietro Gnecchi, partisan, miner. Born in 1925 in Bozzi, four houses of sandstone between the country and the pace of Montevacà, was one of the few guys in the mountains without a name to the battle:...


Alberto Barbieri

"I was born on the back of the fish. " An old padano neither Lombard nor Emilian. Islander man, was born in the reeds of Torricella del Pizzo, came into the world with three hundred and sixty degrees...


Rosa Bonasera

«We're poor person», they say, quiet imbaracing for a stone house and fairy tales, with creation around. Three people live in Pianelletto hamlet hidden in the mountains between Valceno and Valtaro:...


Alberto Manotti

However often you walk in the high water bed of the river there’s always someone, century after century, telling us with their hands that we are made of water and earth, that the sunset is blood and...


Afro e Ivo Cavalli

On the tractor at 5 years old. It can happen that a man’s destiny is sometimes drawn using the colours of infancy. With the perfumes that you get only when threshing. Afro and Ivo Amos Cavalli are...