Sarah Galvão and Leo Galvão, two well known Travel Blogger from spent 36 hours with us. 

It was fun and totally enjoyed showing them around just like we would for a good friend visiting.
Sarah and Leo were looking for a local experience, 36 hours diving into the local life-style, living just like us "parmigiani". 

Not just eating our food, but getting to understand how we make magical products like Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, Culatello, Lambrusco; visiting the places where we make them, asking questions and meeting the people behind that magic.
Meanwhile visiting great art and culture, meeting local people and hanging around in the night scene where local people go.

They tell their story in this article for the Brazilian blog (article from in portuguese) and we are glad they enjoyed our company and our service. It is worth a read, that's what we strive to offer all our visiting clients!

"The Parmesan cheese and Parma ham are a delight, many people know. But ever wondered what their origin? Well, it's not hard to guess - Parma, of course! But more than that, Parma is beautiful and charming... Sarah (Food Valley Travel Guide) explained the various historical curiosities of the city, took us to the very traditional places and of course shops, introduced us to some of the iconic places and foodies city . Pepen, for example, a small grocery without tables, serves the most disputed sandwiches in town. The "carciofa" (artichoke), parmesan, ricotta and spinach is divine. Another traditional delicacy of the region we tasted and loved, was the steak horsemeat tartare. Exotic and very good...
A visit to the city has been well worth it. Easy to understand why is one of foodies capital of Emilia Romagna.

Thanks Sarah and Leo, it was great having you around!

Foto by Sarah Galvão published in