Seth Sherwood, New York times' journalist, tells the story of a surprising visit to our beloved Parma.

36 hours to discover that there is much more than Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, Culatello, Lambrusco wine, the Barilla pasta company, the Alma cooking school and other amazing culinary tradition that made the city famous worldwide.‚Äč

Seth celebrates the discovery of a "hotbed of of culinary experimentation" which combines such sublime traditional specialties with a small dose of immagination and modification.

This fetching northern Italian city which last year was named a Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy, the first city in Italy to receive the honor, emerges from his story as a complete surprise and a great place to be for anyone looking for a cultural, religious, retail and culinary experience.

Enjoy the article by the New York Times, we certainly did ;)