A journey between flavors and art trough an exciting Treasure Hunt.
A full immersion with the locals.
A different and dinamic way to learn about local food & culture, have fun and compete with your colleagues.

Parma (Parma)

How it will work?

  • The main group will be divided into smaller groups. 
  • To each group will be assigned a guide that will support them during the activity if needed. 
  • Each group will start the activity every 5 minutes and will be clocked with separate instruments. 
  • At the beginning each one will receive an envelope with the first clue and the test they will have to pass for the final calculation of the winners.  
  • Every time the test will be passed, an envelope with the new location will be given to the group.
  • The topics will be both the food and the art of Parma… a perfect mix that will let the participants know about the typical products of this area and the main monuments… 

At the end

The group will get together for an exclusive chic pic-nic (with nice weather) or tasting lunch where the winners will receive their prize. Of course there will be food & drinks for everybody to celebrate this unforgettable day.

Some examples of tests?

  • Once in a typical store, the group will have to organize a selfie where one of them, dressed up like a real «Salumiere» will serve some typical products to another one.
  • Once  in one of the most famous street food places of the city, they’ll have to interact with the funny owners and discover the name of the most popular sandwich.
  • There will be some quiz connected to particulars of famous monuments that they will have to identify… we’ll give them the pictures and it won’t be easy to find them.. For example between the countless decorations of our Baptistry.
  •  And many more funny and yet interesting tests we’ll create for the guests.
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