An exciting and unique experience. Drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini on our historical streets and live unforgettable emotions.

Parma (Parma)


Short Tour: Basic tour. You drive outside of town and come back.
Duration: About 10 minutes.

Medium Tour: HIGHER SPEED than in town. Feel the power.
Duration: about 15-20 minutes.

Long Tour: Extended tour. It’s the medium tour plus the COUNTRYSIDE.
Speed and Corners. Duration: about 30 minutes.

Mountain Tour: Extended tour. You can drive the car in the mountains. Awesome Experience. Duration: about 60 minutes.

Panoramic Tour: Enjoy the beauties of our country with this amazing tour ! It’s the perfect ride for the Ferrari California. Duration: about 60 minutes.

Race Track Tour: Drive the car in all conditions also on the race track: 30 minutes driving to the racetrack. 1 lap as a passenger. 4 laps driving and 30 minutes returning to the starting point. This tour is exclusive! It's possible to buy extra turns on the track
Duration: 90 minutes

Precision Tour: 2 HOURS Driving course in the mountains! Reach the driving perfection with your favorite car on a historic test road full of corners.
Duration: about 120 minutes.