Parma (Parma)


1) Traditional Pasta

Full immersion in the production of handmade anolini, ravioli, ravioli, tagliolini, tagliatelle, pasta rasa and Stringoni

2) Preserves

A journey through fruit jams, preserved tomatoes, vegetables, preserved fruits.

3) The Liqueurs and Infusions

How to prepare at home the best traditional local products, from Nocino to Sbùrlon from Bargnolino to Luigino, from Canarino to the typical infusions of these lands

4) The Pork

We say that the pork is like the music of Verdi, there is nothing to throw out. To understand this reason, visit the place for the artisan production of Culatelli, Salami, Preti, Coppe, shoulders, and many other meats according to our tradition and get a practical lesson.

5) The Meat

Besides beef and pork we cook geese, pigeons, ducks, rabbits and chickens, all raised in our farm, according to old recipes and chefs who once cooked for Giuseppe Verdi and Giovanni Guareschi.


6) The Secrets of the Garden

A journey to discover the secrets of the garden. From soil preparation to planting to harvesting. Four appointments to learn how to grow, cook and store vegetables.


7) Binding a Culatello di Zibello

The skilled hands of an expert "Norcino", will give a practical demonstration of all the secrets of the tradition of tying a good culatello, before maturing it in the humid cellars.

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With our flexibility and imagination we are able to meet any customer, making activities and events on the scale from 1 to 250 persons with the theme: food and wine. Taking into account the time available, we are able to offer proposals more or less structured but which will, in any case, ensure a unique and truly unforgettable experience, that is tied to the characteristics ofthe area and its culinary excellence recognized throughout the world.

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