Live a real dream, an Italian "Dolce Vita" experience driving through rolling hills and Castles with: 1978 Triump   "Spitfire" Convertible1500  or

   1970 Volkswagen "Beetle" Convertible


City of departure: Parma (PR) - Full day

 Triumph "Spitfire" Convertible 1500 

Year of production:
1493 c.c.
72 cv
self drive hire of Triumph Spitfire 1500

The Story of this car

  • In the early sixties the Triumph had in mind to produce a new model able to overcome the growing success of the Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget.

  • There were no doubts on the engine and the chassis (strictly separated from the body), both derived from those of the small Herald, but the line was creating many problems.
    After the success of the Herald drawn almost by accident and quickly by Giovanni Michelotti, the Triumph decided to consult still at the Turin designer to define the new spider.
  • Michelotti made a masterpiece and the prototype presented in 1962 at Earls Court in London received the approval of all. 
    The engine was the well-known 4-cylinder in-line with camshaft side of Herald derivation 1147cc. Fuelled by two SU carburettors, the maximum power increased to 63cv.

  • For the new Spider, whose production started only in 1964, he was chosen the name Spitfire, in honor of combat aircraft of the Royal Air Force, who, during World War II defeated the German air force, avoiding the Nazi invasion.

  • The first modifications were made in 1965. New grille with revised grille, new door handles with lock on both sides, coated the floor carpeted and padded seats. 
    The engine, thanks to a new camshaft and the system of modified exhaust earned 4cv (for a total of 67cv).

  • In 1974, to adopt the anti-pollution standards and reduce fuel consumption (due to the contingent of the oil crisis) Triumph intervened to "calm" the engine. The engine capacity grew from 1296 to 1493cc, but the power remained firm in 75cv version for Europe, while down only 55cv in the US version (where, to meet the stringent emission regulations, was adopted feeding single carburetor).
    The only other changes concerned the painting in matt black tail frame and contours of the rear fenders and the adoption as standard headrest and overdrive. Production ended in 1980.


Volkswagen "Beetle" Convertible

Year of production:
1.192 c.c.
25 cv
self drive hire of VW Maggiolino Cabriolet - white


The story of this car

  • The Beetle was created to request Hitler to help the German people to have a car. Hitler commissioned Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 to design a car for the average German family, which had a consumption of no more than 7 liters. per 100 km, which was air-cooled, it was able to achieve and maintain for long journeys the speed of 100 km / h and that its cost was no higher than 1,000 brands.

  • It is the beginning of the adventure that has meant that the beetle was the best-selling car in the world and the longest-running production.
    In 1970 stops the production of the convertible version of the Beetle while out production engine 1500 cc. The sedan version instead continues to be still produced for many years, always with engines 1200 cm³ and 1300 cm³.

Cancellation policy: 

  • No fee up to 16 days before the tour starting day; 
  • From 15 days to 7 days before the tour starting day: 20% penalty;
  • From 6 days to 3 days before the tour starting date: 40% penalty;
  • 48 hours' notice: 60% penalty;
  • 24 hours' notice: 100% penalty.


  • technical assistance
  • insurance coerage ( civil liability, fire and theft)
  • deliver from 09.00 AM and drop off until 19.00 PM; after 30' of delay, € 20.00 penalty for each half hour delay
  • 150 km for each day; extra km cost € 1.00 per km
  • deliver and drop off at our office
  • leather gloves for drivers and vintage sunglasses for ladies
  • maps and suggested tour for the area


  • full insurance - kasko - for all damages to the car: € 40.00 for 1 day, € 70.00 for 2 days ecc; excess (franchise) 10% of the damage, minimum € 200.00
  • petrol consumption; car is delivered with fuel and must came back with the fuel; € 10.00 penalty in addition to the consumption of petrol
  •  tolls, parking and fines
  • delivery and drop out of office - € 1.00 per km – each way – plus vat
  • driver service € 120.00 – only with cars with 4 seat place;driver service € 120.00 – only with cars with 4 seat place

Additional info

  • 23 years old
  • 5 years of license
  • credit card (VISA e MASTERCARD)

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