Pasta Cooking Class & Market Tour in Bologna

A unique opportunity for the real foodies.. Make pasta by hand , with a rolling pin: Ravioli, Tortelloni and Tagliatelle and learn to create the authentic Ragu Bolognese... 

City of departure: Bologna (BO) - Half day

OPTION 1: Stuffed Pasta Hands-on Cooking Class

Make pasta by hand , with a 38 inches long rolling pin: Ravioli, Tortelloni and Tagliatelle and learn to create the authentic Ragu Bolognese (+ two more sauces ) and more seasonal pasta stuffings. Veg and/or meat.The best way to learn is "hands-on"; we do not give demonstrations!

Participants, learn by doing -- guided by a professionally trained restaurant chef or professional pasta maker, each participant will work at their own individual work station and cooking burner,

Eat what you've created! --Have your pasta and sauces and we will provide complimentary, unlimited wine (drink responsibly) water, espresso and dessert, for a great lunch or dinner .

Our "hands-on" class was designed for anyone who wants to learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch using a 38" matterello (rolling pin-NOT a machine). You will begin by mixing 00 flour and adding eggs, using the proper, fool-proof ratio of flour to eggs. Proceed to kneading your very own egg pasta. Our professional pasta chefs will guide you to master the timeless technique of incorporating the egg into the flour and working the dough to the proper consistency to produce the best fresh pasta product possible!

After the dough rests, you will be guided, step by step to create your Ravioli /Tortelloni/Tagliatelle pastas! 

You will also learn to prepare three classic Bolognese sauces. After the cooking is done, you will savor your fresh pasta paired with your homemade sauces.

The techniques learned and the skills acquired, will enable you to make many other pastas and sauces when your return home.

"We don't teach recipes", but rather "you will learn cooking skills" that will generalize to preparing many other dishes.



OPTION 2: Market Tour & Hands-on Cooking Class

Prepare a delicious, complete, four-course, MEAT-oriented, authentic, Bolognese meal (VEGETARIAN OPTION ALSO AVAILABLE). Perfect for people who love to eat meat! Every class includes instruction on how to create hand -made pasta using a 38 inch long matterello (rolling pin)!.

The morning class includes a short walk, a historic tour of the area and a visit to the "Middle-Market." Then have a quick breakfast and decide the menu. (Afternoon class has additional cooking instruction rather than a market visit, as most shops are closed.)

Every experience is unique because we decide the menu and choose the ingredients based on products' availability and seasonality. After strolling and sampling through the market and purchasing ingredients, you return to class and the culinary adventure begins.

It's a great day of culinary fun, food and wine and it will be a day to remember! 

We guarantee you will advance your cooking skills because you will be taught by English-speaking, professional restaurant chefs and you will not just be taught recipes, but rather, you will be learning cooking techniques that will generalize to all types of dishes. 

We focus on cooking healthy and explore the simplicity and elegance of true Italian cuisine. 

Times: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm Or 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Email us if there is a specific dish you would like to learn how to cook!

 Please note: not available on Saturdays nor Sundays!


Stuffed Pasta Hands-on Cooking Class

The experience includes:

  •  1/2 Cooking class

  • Apron

  • Unlimited Wine At lunch and Dinner- (Drink Responsibly)

  • Lunch or Dinner

  • English Speaking Chef Instructors    


Market Tour & Cooking Class   

The experience includes:

  • 1/2 Day Cooking Class
  • Market Visit (Morning Session Only)
  • Snacks and Complete Lunch or Dinner
  • Unlimited Local Wine (Drink Responsibly)
  • Apron
  • English Speaking Chef Instructors             

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