Viale Mentana 140 - 43121, Parma (PR)


More than a hundred doors that swing open into as many exquisitely-appointed rooms, each one different, each one with its own particular style and period. With a common denominator: the hospitality and serenity which are to be found right down to the smallest detail. There are suites with views that go beyond the city boundaries, and the magnificent Maria Luigia Suite, named after a queen, with its typical Piedmont decor and warmth, which are a promise of a truly regal night’s sleep.


A restaurant in which the formal elegance and gracious atmosphere merge in a blend of enchantment and intimacy: a Mecca of fine dining with an eclectic new twist on the age-old flavours of the Emilia region thanks to the inspiration of our skilled chefs. Specialties like home-made pasta, which bring us back to our childhood, at the highest levels of culinary excellence putting Maxim’s among the most famous and finest restaurants in the city.