Piazza Galileo Galilei, 4/3 - 40123, Bologna (BO)


Whoever said that new hotels are all alike has never seen a design hotel moreover they have never stayed at the Hotel Novecento, the ideal place for those who are looking for something special. Under the influence of the Viennese Secession style, this exclusive hotel of only twenty-five rooms is perfectly embedded in the medieval centre of Bologna and its location on Piazza Galileo offers incredible views.
A glamorous way back into the Europe of the 1930s.


Our story begins in the sixties, when Libertario and Anna Orsi bought the Hotel Commercianti and afterwards the Hotel Orologio. In the following years, the two sons of the couple, Mauro and Paolo Orsi, alongside their wives Cristina and Serena, would take the activity to a different level, by managing a group of three hotels.

What mainly characterizes our business is to keep alive a familiar hospitality despite the high level of the structures.  Our hotels are boutique hotels where the client can enjoy our luxury facilities in a cozy atmosphere that recreates a homely environment.
We, as the Orsi family, continue to work since more than four decades, by welcoming our guests and providing them with the best possible service.