Via Sforza Caolzio, 47 - 29014, Castell'Arquato (PC)


Inside the villa of modern design, furnishings and nineteenth century objects make the atmosphere cozy and unique. To evoke the great operas and enhance the multicultered atmosphere of the house, the rooms are decorated with a common thread uniting them in an impalpable, superb Japanese obi - the belt of the kimono - with gold embroidery on silk.

Walls are decorated with outstanding works of emerging artists, according to the concept of Boutique Art Hotel.

Casa Illica organizes temporary exhibitions presenting the guests with creative excellence in the area.

Following the best tradition of the hospitality, Casa Illica prompts and guides guests to the range of cultural experiences, music, food and wine, designed according to their wishes.

The Villa The 400 square meter house and surrounding garden overlook the hills of Piacenza. 2 double rooms and 1 single room with a large and bright living room.

The view stretches as far as the eye of the valley. 2 suites and a veranda which provides a panoramic view to almost of the surrounding hills and the Po valley between Piacenza and Parma.